The Academy provides space and opportunity to experience and to learn. Visitors are invited to develop knowledge and competences, to use them and to share them. Likewise, there is space and time for thinking, to challenge habits and beliefs.

The Academy provides opportunities to use old and new technologies, test them and modify them in everyday use. Tools are available, or they can be made. Usage and maintenance of tools can be trained. Knowledge of materials can be obtained, and it can be developed both theoretically and practically. 

Self-Supply / Food Production


Our kitchen is equipped to allow for preserving, pickling, drying etc. Plants grow in the garden, and can be collected on meadows or in the wild. We also have all equipment needed for the production of fruit wines.

Gebrauchsgüter herstellen und reparieren

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In the academy, we have workshop space allowing for working with wood and metal, including electric welding. We provide for hand tools and some electrical tools. Lots of used material, like timber, wood and metal can be used for projects.
Gardening / Agriculture
   Beet Fruehjahr      
Our big yard and the meadow give space for experiments in the garden, the propagation of plants, cold frame, growing, harvesting, space for herbs etc. For watering, we have a well in the yard and rain water collection.
Bei Interesse an einer selbständigen Nutzung der Infrastruktur schickt einfach eine Mail mit einer Beschreibung eures Vorhaben an corinna.vosse(ätt) Wir melden uns dann.