The Academy for Sufficiency makes its resources available for use. We invite others to utilise the rooms and the existing infrastructure, for recreation, for inspiration, for the exchange of knowledge, for practical experiments.

Who is interested should send an email with a short description of the intention to corinna.vosse(at) We’ll get back to you soon.

We offer simple rooms for shorter or longer stays. For daily provision we have a fully supplied kitchen. A wood powered heating is available to make hot waterfor a shower, or for the dishes.


Rooms in the house, above the stables and in the barn can be used for meals, for meetings, for activities. The yard gives space for thinking, for writing, for discussions, or to do just nothing.

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Currently the Academy can accommodate up to 18 people in double rooms. A stay is not bound to specific conditions or expectations. What we wish is the readiness of visitors to share their knowledge and try new things.